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Outras culturas, mesmos humanos

por beatriz j a, em 21.06.18



O dançarino e coreógrafo refugiado Ahmad Joudeh numa performance no evento World Refugee Day em Bruxelas.





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Síria - Alepo

por beatriz j a, em 15.04.18



Uma das cidades habitadas mais antigas do mundo. Hoje completamente destruída.


 Sixteenth-century miniature painting by Nasuh Al-Matrakî depicting the city of Aleppo

 1993, Aleppo, Syria --- Aerial view of the citadel. --- Image by © Frederic Soltan/Sygma/Corbis

beduínos de Alepo

 Aleppo - khan el Saboun حلب - خان

 A colossal basalt lion lion statue found at the Ain Dara Temple near Aleppo, Syria, 10th - 8th century BCE

Women in traditional Syrian dress , early 20th century


Entrance , The Citadel

 Franciscan Abbey , Aleppo , late 19th century

 via Stephen Ellcock


Aleppo, or "Halab" in Arabic, is one of the world's oldest continually inhabited cities, being mentioned in Egyptian texts from the 20th Century BC.
Remains of a temple from the end of the third millennium BC have been found at the site of Aleppo's famous medieval citadel, which still dominates the area and provided a defensive stronghold for centuries.
Aleppo flourished politically and economically during the 18th Century BC as the capital of the kingdom of Yamkhad, until it fell to the Hittites.
Later, it became an important city of the Hellenistic period and a key trading post for merchants passing between the Mediterranean and lands to the east. It was eventually absorbed into the Roman Empire and then prospered as a hub for caravan traffic under Byzantine rule.
In 636 AD, Aleppo was conquered by Arab Muslim troops. About 80 years later, during the rule of the Umayyad Caliph Sulaiman, its Great Mosque was built.
In the 10th Century, Aleppo became the capital of the northern Syrian Hamdanid dynasty, but it then suffered a period of war and disorder, as the Byzantine Empire, Crusaders, Fatamids and Seljuks fought to gain control of it and the surrounding region.
Aleppo did not recover until the middle of the 12th Century. Then, under Ayyubid rule in the 13th Century, the city enjoyed a period of great prosperity and expansion.
But this came to an abrupt end in 1260, when Aleppo was conquered by the Mongols. The city then suffered an outbreak of plague in 1348 and a devastating attack by Timur in 1400.
In 1516, Aleppo became part of the Ottoman Empire. It was soon made the capital of its own province and emerged as a nexus of trade between the Orient and Europe.
Aleppo's role as a transit centre for trade declined in the late 18th Century and was hindered further by France and Great Britain's demarcation of the borders of modern Syria - which cut the city off from southern Turkey and northern Iraq - and the loss of the Mediterranean port of Alexandretta to Turkey in 1939.
Following Syrian independence, the city developed into a major industrial centre, rivalling the capital Damascus, and its population expanded massively from 300,000 to about 2.3 million by 2005.
Today, Aleppo's population is made up mainly of Sunni Muslims, most of whom are Arabs but some of whom are Kurds and Turkomans. The city also has the largest population of Christians in Syria, including many Armenians, as well as Shia and Alawite communities ‘ – BBC News, November 2016.



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Esta gente é maluca e não tem consciência nem ética nem nada. Coitados dos sírios. Toda a gente os bombardeia e ninguém os ajuda.

Uma guerra ou um ataque, para ser justo, como diz a Theresa May, tem que ser moral. Tem que haver uma virtude, uma intenção de fazer bem ou de o bem que dali resulte ser maior que o mal que necessariamente se faz. É por isso que estas iniciativas são sancionadas pelos parlamentos, em primeiro lugar e pela ONU. O que não foi o caso. Não pode ser esta a maneira de travar Putin, fazendo o mesmo que ele faz. A quantidade de guerras, desgraça e caos que já se criou no Médio Oriente à custa de intervenções sem direito nem moral. E é esta gente que decide os nossos destinos.


Syria latest: Theresa May calls strikes 'right and legal'

"Ao lado dos seus aliados e da justiça"- Donald Tusk

"Atingimos com sucesso cada alvo", garante o Pentágono

França Ameaça com nova intervenção militar

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Citação deste dia a propósito de Ghuta

por beatriz j a, em 26.02.18



"The marvel is not that the Dancing Bear dances well, but that the bear dances at all."
~~~Russian proverb



 Ghuta, Síria


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Síria - A guerra é isto

por beatriz j a, em 22.02.18



"Yesterday we were playing together in the underground shelter. Today my friend and his family were killed by a fighter plane that put his life to death. He and his family were unable to stay under the rubble of the four-storey building near my house a few hours ago."

"We know that you got bored from our blood pictures But We will continue appealing to you Bashar Al-assad, potin and khaminei killed our childhood Save us before it is too late What is the world, which can send machines to the martian and can't do anything to stop killing people."


Hoje, Vladmiri Chamanov, um general russo, gabou-se de terem testado mais de 200 novas armas na Síria...






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A guerra é isto

por beatriz j a, em 09.06.17



Abboud, 12, and his brother Deeb, 14, both joined the Free Syrian Army following the death of their two brothers.


As manpower has steadily decreased over the war's duration, parties on all sides have enlisted soldiers as young as 11.


 In March 2012, a father teaches his 11-year-old son how to use a toy rocket launcher. This photograph, taken in Idlib, Syria, would win a Pulitzer Prize.






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Mesmo planeta, outro mundo

por beatriz j a, em 19.04.17






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A poeta síria-americana, Amal Kassir.




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A guerra é isto

por beatriz j a, em 18.04.17



Esta guerra foi antes do Vietnam, muito antes do Iraque e desta da Síria, cuja devastação deve ser pior que isto que fez MacArthur vomitar.

Napalm, Robert Neer 





  15 de abr

Loyalist women & children in can be murdered with cold blood while been evacuated in rebel held areas like this & no


  16 de abr

Crianças sírias morrem em ataque após terem sido atraídas por camião cheio de comida.



Crianças que não sabem o que é a paz.


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Síria - Graffiti II

por beatriz j a, em 14.04.17



Buildings Photo by Nour Kelze - Tammam Azzam on Twitter


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Pela boca morre o peixe?

por beatriz j a, em 08.04.17



Pelo menos no que respeita aos últimos 100 anos, todos os Presidentes dos EUA que foram para o cargo a defender que os EUA deviam ter menos intervenção no planeta e preocupar-se mais com os problemas internos, foram os que mais guerras começaram, os que mais invadiram e bombardearam outros países. Este não foge à regra mas não é nada que surpreenda... o homem é um comerciante que não percebe mada de política nem sabe nada de História de modo que é manipulado pelos tipos das armas e do dinheiro com quem se identifica.



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Para pôr as coisas em perspectiva é bom lembrar que os países da UE, no seu conjunto, têm 510.1 milhões de pessoas. O total de pessoas que até final de 2015 pediram asilo perfaz 1,321,560 indivíduos. Em 2016 o número desceu drasticamente mas vamos supôr que foi um milhão. Juntando aos outros daria cerca de 2.5 milhões de pessoas, no total, a quererem ficar na UE, o que representa 0.490% da sua população. Espalhadas pelos países todos! Não é nenhum drama que não se possa resolver, se se quiser, claro.

Aqui em Portugal, a seguir à descolonização, entraram no país, retornados das ex-colónias, um milhão de pessoas, numa altura em que a nossa população era de 10 milhões, o que representa 10%! É preciso pôr as coisas em perpectiva e pensar um bocadinho. Não se pode abandonar as crianças a este inferno... uma falta de líderes à altura da situação que faz impressão.




(Reporting by Lin Taylor @linnytayls, Editing by Ros Russell; Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters that covers humanitarian issues, conflicts, global land and property rights, modern slavery and human trafficking, women's rights, climate change and resilience. Visit to see more stories)



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Starvation sieges through the eyes of Syrian artists

A million civilians are living in besieged areas in Syria without any access to food or medication. To stave off starvation, these civilians are often forced to eat tree leaves, insects and cats. Hundreds have starved to death. Meanwhile, tonnes of the world’s aid remains undelivered. These people are needlessly dying because UN aid trucks and planes are being denied access to besieged areas by the Assad regime. Access that has been granted repeatedly by the UN Security Council.


Despite the international community’s inaction, brave Syrians are forging strong social bonds with their neighbors in order to survive as a tight-knit community. People are coming up with innovative ways to farm, generate electricity and survive in dire circumstances. When a family is in need, neighbors immediately rally to get help. A mother looking for milk for her malnourished infant can go door to door in the middle of the night with the certitude that a kind neighbor will extend a helping hand. Hunger hasn’t dampened Syrians’ spirit of resistance either. Activists continue to document the daily shelling and human rights violations. Syrians have refused to bow under pressure because they haven’t lost sight of their original cry for freedom.


“The UN is happy with Bashar Al-Assad in one way or another. As a civilian on the ground I haven’t seen anything from them. Prolonged the conflict, gave Assad all the time he needed to destroy the country, and now the country is destroyed.”

 Yousef, from Douma



UN by Anwar Al Eissa 


“The regime just threatened the town of Moadamiyeh by saying we should kneel or face death by starvation and annihilation. Is this the political solution that they want? Do they want us slaves to their desires? This will not happen and we remain trapped.”


– Dani, from Moadamiyeh


Starvation is the weapon of cowards by Anis Mansour


“If the UN has the whole world and it can’t get in a loaf of bread to the children, what is this UN? You’re telling me they won’t get in because regime says they can’t?”

A resident in Ghouta.



 No Title by Hussam Alsaadi


“When you besiege a community you transform their whole raison d’etre from a civil struggle for their rights to a struggle for survival on a day-to-day basis. This is the point of the siege, to neutralise the power of the people.”

– Khaled, from Douma



Systematic Starvation by Anis Mansour


“We can’t take it anymore. Why is there no help for us? We have mothers, sisters, brothers. We are human just like you.”

– Khaled, from Madaya   



Hunger is not a game by Daali


“The UN has Syria among its permanent members. We are a card these nations use as leverage, but if they wanted to break the siege then they are more than capable. But it’s not time yet in their calculations.”

– Elias, from Douma



Bla Bla Nations by Daali


“It’s more important to focus on kids in the siege. Because all adults were partly responsible for the state we’re in but kids did not choose this or the revolution. They are the biggest losers in all these battles. There are child soldiers, there’s widespread child labor, and families are marrying off their girls really young. Those are all realities caused by the siege itself. Because there’s no food or steady salaries, the child has to work and people take advantage of this.”

– Osama, from Douma



Save the Children of Ghouta by Moustafa Jacoub


“I saw a grown man cry like a baby because he was not able to feed his children. My heart was bleeding. An elderly woman was getting serum and the nurse told her calm down and God willing aid will come, she grabbed her hand and kissed her and begged her for any food scraps.”

Amjad Al Maleh, from Madaya



I Am Hungry by Fadi Zyada


“Once, a man I know fed cat meat to his kids without telling his wife because she would have objected. They all got food poisoning. He took me aside after his kids got poisoned and admitted he fed them cat meat. We had to pump their stomachs.”

-A doctor from Madaya



Unknown Title by Moustafa Jacoub


“The day before yesterday a man named Sleiman Fares went crazy and became hysterical from hunger then died. We wash the dead before burying them. I washed his emaciated body myself and buried him. Imagine seeing a skeleton with just skin on him. No fat whatsoever. He died of starvation.”

-Amjad Al Maleh, from Madaya


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.59.44 PM

Stop Starvation in Syria by Alaa Hamameh



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Coisas muito graves

por beatriz j a, em 24.11.15




Putin. Abate de avião foi uma “facada nas costas” que terá consequências


“A perda de hoje foi uma facada nas costas que nos foi dada por cúmplices de terroristas”, disse Putin numa conferência de imprensa conjunta com o rei da Jordânia, Abdallah II.



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A vitória de Putin

por beatriz j a, em 21.10.15



Pourquoi Al-Assad s'est rendu au Kremlin pour rencontrer Poutine


É a Síria que vai permirtir-lhe desatar o nó górdio em que estava metido com a Ucrânia.

Convocou Al-Assad à Rússia para lhe explicar como é que ele deve comportar-se politicamente no seu próprio País no fim do conflito, que tipo de regime vai instaurar e como. Al-Assad a tudo disse sim, claro, que a alternativa é ser linchado como os outros dois ou, pior, ter que gramar com uma democracia nos queixos.



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por beatriz j a, em 20.10.15




 Abounaddara é um site anónimo de realizadores de cinema sírios, auto-didatas. Já puseram online 11 pequenos filmes. A ideia é mostrar uma imagem da Síria alternativa às imagens de destruição e caos dos canais de comunicação. Uns são a favor do regime, outros contra mas todos são uma manifestação de liberdade. (via NYT)




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Histórias de desespero

por beatriz j a, em 12.10.15



Torn apart: The smuggler and my baby



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Quem desata este novelo?

por beatriz j a, em 08.10.15






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no cabeçalho, pintura de Paul Béliveau. mail

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