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Life comes with a manual and its called MOM...

por beatriz j a, em 17.06.19




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Do you wanna share dreams?

por beatriz j a, em 27.10.18



 Zhang Yingnan - Life is Dream



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'If there were no troubles'

por beatriz j a, em 10.10.18



Shit still goes down in life whether you’re happy with yourself or not. Happy is the wrong word. It’s more to do with being at ease with yourself as a human being; liking who you are. Being truthful with who you are as a person and understanding that. If there were no troubles, I don’t know how I would write.”
— Marina Diamandis


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por beatriz j a, em 26.09.18



Há bocado estive ao telefone com uma colega que tem o mesmo problema que eu mas está a ter uma recuperação muitíssimo difícil e dolorosa.  De repente as minhas queixas em relação a esta situação pareceram-me... palermas...



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As coisas simples da vida

por beatriz j a, em 03.05.18



 Washing on the Line | Percy Harland Fisher, 1867-1944


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All you who sleep tonight

por beatriz j a, em 26.12.17



All you who sleep tonight
Far from the ones you love,
No hand to left or right
And emptiness above -


Vikram Seth


bernard safran 


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por beatriz j a, em 02.08.17





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por beatriz j a, em 19.06.17



My Father, in Four Visits over Thirty Years


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por beatriz j a, em 30.04.17



 da net



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And yet... life is beautiful...

por beatriz j a, em 06.03.17



 by FrAnklin Sanders



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For the continuation of life on this planet

por beatriz j a, em 24.10.16





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Ken Loach: ‘If you’re not angry, what kind of person are you?’

“Angry? Mmmmmmm,” Loach says so quietly it barely registers. He talks about the people he and his regular writer Paul Laverty met while doing their research: the young lad with nothing in his fridge who hadn’t eaten properly for three days; the woman ashamed of attending food banks; the man told to queue for a casual shift at 5.30am, then sent home an hour later because he wasn’t needed. “That constant humiliation to survive. If you’re not angry about it, what kind of person are you?”




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What’s eating Silicon Valley


Google recruits the heck out of Stanford, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and other top schools offering six-figures to start, plus bonuses. Facebook sponsors hackathons at the top schools, stays in touch with professors, and invests tons of resources in order to be the most visible and obvious employer.


Don’t think that the smart kids haven’t noticed—the proportion of Stanford students majoring in the Humanities has plummeted from over 20% to only 7% this past year, prompting wails among History and English professors whose classes no longer have students. One administrator joked to me that Stanford is now the Stanford Institute of Technology. In 2014, more Harvard Business School Grads went into technology than into banking for the first time since the dot-com era.


Que custos nos traz a todos este reducionismo do conhecimento e da vida à técnica, cujas consequências são a desigualdade social, a uniformidade e o afunilar da visão que decide os caminhos de todos?



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por beatriz j a, em 11.01.16




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A sense of beauty and death

por beatriz j a, em 29.07.15




A few weeks ago, in the country, far from the lights of the city, I saw the entire sky “powdered with stars” (in Milton’s words); such a sky, I imagined, could be seen only on high, dry plateaus like that of Atacama in Chile (where some of the world’s most powerful telescopes are). It was this celestial splendor that suddenly made me realize how little time, how little life, I had left. My sense of the heavens’ beauty, of eternity, was inseparably mixed for me with a sense of transience — and death.

Oliver Sacks

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por beatriz j a, em 22.05.15




 Hurricane Carol, Brooklyn, 1954. Stanley Hall. Getty Images



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That's life!

por beatriz j a, em 18.02.15







 Ficaram sozinhos na varanda sem cuidados todo o ano que passou mas o que não está podre ou morto sempre se renova 😊 [e vice-versa] 



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E é isto!

por beatriz j a, em 30.12.14






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E é isto...

por beatriz j a, em 30.08.14





Nicholas Ray in Der amerikanische Freund (Wim Wenders, 1977)



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no cabeçalho, pintura de Paul Béliveau. mail

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