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Good morning :)

por beatriz j a, em 27.07.18




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Good morning

por beatriz j a, em 25.06.17



"Please don't have a nice day. Have a day that matters, have a day that's true, have a day that's direct, have a day that's honest. A nice day... humm... you'll be miserable... Have a day that means something. (Harriet L. in The Last Word)



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Haja alegria a caminho do trabalho :)

por beatriz j a, em 29.05.17




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Windy morning 🌸

por beatriz j a, em 31.12.16



 via arte



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Good morning autumn

por beatriz j a, em 10.10.16




 imagem da net



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For winter lovers

por beatriz j a, em 08.02.16






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Good morning

por beatriz j a, em 30.04.14




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cheira a limão

por beatriz j a, em 29.07.13






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good morning

por beatriz j a, em 13.07.13







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good morning

por beatriz j a, em 22.06.13





Madeira island



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Good morning

por beatriz j a, em 25.05.13






by Marc Adamus


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good morning ♥

por beatriz j a, em 30.03.13







Sitting here with my beautiful grandson on my lap. He’s on my left leg and looking at the gifs with me, listening to the music. :) He’s a bit sick again and his daddy started his new job today, so I get the honor of having his company today. He’s wearing his Monsters Inc pajamas and looks so adorable. He’s watching the birds flying in the coffee cup above right now and his beautiful big brown eyes with their long lashes are so big and shiny. It is snowing again and I’m hoping my son makes it the 45 minute drive to work OK. The roads were really bad earlier. He drive his little to school for me while I fed the baby for him and then on his way to the gas station after that he ran out of gas. Poor kid. So anyway, he called me and I warmed up the van and little baby-bear and I bundled up and drove to the gas station to fill a big five gallon gas can and brought it to him. Not a perfect way to start his first day on a new job. Hope it got better after that. The baby fell asleep when Scarborough Fair came on, so I laid him down and can relax and eat something while he naps, then we’ll go grocery shopping when he wakes up. The baby’s room is almost finished! I went to Goodwill with my daughter and was THRILLED to find a bumper pad, dust ruffle, valances, and four matching wall hangings, a matching quilt, and a cute wooden growth chart for his room for only 20.00! I washed it all up (but it was very clean—our thrift shops here are great and very clean) and got it put in the room. I wanted something that would have images on it that I could copy onto his furniture and walls if I wanted, and this set did the trick, it’s got very simple animal characters on it and the colors matched the paint and the beige carpeting perfectly. I don’t have pictures but I bet I can find an image of it online… here it is…I didn’t get the hamper, border, or the diaper stacker but wouldn’t have used to diaper stacker and I’m going to paint on the walls, so didn’t need the border either. I did get the window valance though and the picture doesn’t show it. It was long enough to divide into two valances, so each window got one. I’m going to paint his toy box and his mirror frame the green color that matches the bedding (his walls are blue) and then I’ll draw some of the animal faces and words that go with them, on the frame and toy box. I’m also going to paint a giant sun in one corner of the room, with white fluffy clouds on the walls. In the corner opposite of that, I’ll paint the moon and some stars (that will be in the crib corner. I also bought a set of 6 colorful paper lanterns in different sizes for 5.99 and hung those in the corner above his crib instead of a mobile. They are in different sizes and two are polka-dotted, two are striped, and two are solid. I have to say that the crib set looks much better with my grandson’s dusty-blue walls than it does with the light grayish-blue walls in the picture shown. It’s also a nicer  set than shown. The different animal face squares are made of different textured fabrics like the red behind the frog is corduroy  the cat or dog, can’t remember, is a faux fur fabric, etc. It’s very nice. So, anyway the room is coming together now and it’s just fun stuff left to do now. I don’t know if I mentioned it last week because I was so sick I don’t remember anymore, but I also found a beautiful, spotlessly clean Graco pack and play to use in the living room and for travel and got it for only 15.00. It was much needed and another great deal. All we have to find now is a stroller and high chair and then we are all set for the second half of his first year. Waiting for the doc to call…Maybe I’ll go paint something! :)



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The sun and the moon

por beatriz j a, em 25.03.13






In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Armory Show, we've started a video series exploring works from 1913. Check out some of the videos we've created so far:[Robert Delaunay. "Simultaneous Contrasts: Sun and Moon." 1913]
Robert Delaunay

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Good morning,world! ♥

por beatriz j a, em 23.02.13


Good morning,world! <3

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good mornig

por beatriz j a, em 24.12.12





Good morning!

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good mornig

por beatriz j a, em 11.12.12






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good morning

por beatriz j a, em 09.12.12






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Good morning... autumn solitude

por beatriz j a, em 24.11.12







"Autumn Solitude" by Graham Gercken | Redbubble


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good morning

por beatriz j a, em 09.10.12






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no cabeçalho, pintura de Paul Béliveau. mail

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